Thank you for considering a submission to present at one of the C4 Recovery Foundation events. In order for a submission to be chosen, the program must satisfy the following requirements: the subject matter must be directly and primarily related to a behavioral health issue; and, the presenter of the program must qualify as a presenter for the subject matter presented and possess appropriate qualifications. The individual must hold a graduate degree in a behavioral health field from an accredited educational institution; and, be qualified by appropriate education, experience, and/or training to present the particular subject matter.

C4’s focus is on providing continuing education to behavioral health professionals and our events are driven by the depth and breadth of the CEs that we can provide. Those submissions that meet the most credentialing board requirements are given priority and placement. We’d like to share with you the top five reasons that a submission is not approved by the Planning Committee:


The workshop does not reflect the learning or skills that the attendee will receive by participating.
We are unable to get CE credit for training that does not reflect in the description a direct relationship to improved clinical skills. We would need direct relationship between the workshop and what skills/knowledge are gained from attendance as well as discussing the specific details of the theory/clinical approach and how it enhances the clinical skills of the participants. The session must focus on best practices and highlight relevant clinical issues and not the speaker’s personal journey.


The objectives are not clear.
Objectives should focus on clinical impact of the session and be short, measurable, and use an option from the drop-down menu to start the objective. Each objective has the staring phrase “Participants will” – then choose one of the options from the drop down, then use the text box to complete the sentence. Each objective should include only one item that the participants can accomplish by the end of the session and it must be measurable.


The Bio does not reflect sufficient competency in the subject matter.
Often, we will have a bio that is detailed but reflects insufficient expertise, education or training that would qualify that speaker as an expert faculty for that topic. Books written are not by themselves considered evidence of subject matter expertise.


The presentation material or focus is too basic.
The average number of years in the field for C4 attendees is 15 – 20. That is a well-seasoned group that demands a high level of interaction, engagement and intellectual satisfaction. Preference is given to topics that address complex issues or, if it is an introductory presentation, it should cover new and emerging trends and practices.


If outcomes are mentioned often there is no evidence provided or discussed to support the assertion that the material presented is related to improved treatment outcomes. Many times, research is mentioned but not cited or claims are listed without reference to the source of that information or claim.

  • A very hopeful, healing and transformative experience!

  • We find the leaders in our field at WCSAD.

  • The best conference in my 30+ years in the field.

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  • A Disneyland of information, empowering us to improve our common goal in the field of addiction disorders.

  • As a first-time exhibitor and sponsor, our team enjoyed maintaining and securing new connections while having fun.

  • Intimate clinically-driven, great conference.

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