Andrew Sidoli, MSW, MBA is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Addiction Counselor with an extensive 20-year background in a multitude of Chemical Dependency and Mental Health settings. His education includes a bachelor's degree in Child Development and Family Studies and a master's degree in Clinical Social Work. Prior to joining C4 Consulting, Andrew Sidoli was Chief Clinical Officer at Recovery Ways in SLC and Executive Clinical Director at Shadow Mountain Recovery in NM, CO, and UT. During that time, he designed curriculums, implemented programming and developed successful Family Programs. His experience with attachment, family systems, and his training with trauma bring a trauma-centered methodology to clinical work. His experience with the development of clinical and medical programs and his operational experience make him a visionary, experienced, and creative mental health professional and clinical operations specialist; he has extensive experience providing innovative and compassionate mental health treatment while simultaneously cutting facility costs and driving employee productivity. Andrew has developed a unique balance of acute business sense and expansive clinical knowledge, allowing for effective program curriculum development. He is dedicated to inspiring, collaborative leadership, and consulting with agencies committed to an organization that fosters a culture of staff development. Andrew is currently enrolled in an MBA at the University of Utah and is in a joint venture with the University with his company, True North Behavioral Health, in bringing MindShield, a patented, integrated trauma-resilience clinical modality that addresses burnout and trauma for both patients and behavioral health providers.
  • A very hopeful, healing and transformative experience!

  • We find the leaders in our field at WCSAD.

  • The best conference in my 30+ years in the field.

  • WCSAD is the only national addiction conference we exhibit at annually because it meets all of our objectives – more awareness, lead generation and networking.

  • A Disneyland of information, empowering us to improve our common goal in the field of addiction disorders.

  • As a first-time exhibitor and sponsor, our team enjoyed maintaining and securing new connections while having fun.

  • Intimate clinically-driven, great conference.

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