Louise Stanger, EdD, LCSW, CDWF, CIP is a clinician, interventionist, educator, and speaker. She has been a licensed clinician (BBS 4581) since 1973 and uses evidenced-based modalities of which she has been trained in including but not limited to MI, SFT, Mindfulness, ACT, CBT, 12 step, Daring Way-Rising Strong. She helps families whose loved ones experience substance abuse, process disorders, and mental health disorders. In doing so, she has worked in a variety of settings. In 2018, she was awarded The Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Award for Clinical Excellence. In 2018, she published the textbook, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Intervention-A Collective Strategy. Her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Recovery Campus, Journal of Alcohol Studies, Counselor Magazine, Sober World, and more. Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal is available on Amazon and Learn to Thrive: An Intervention Guidebook is available on her website. Many of the articles she writes are varied covering such far-ranging topics as gen z, marijuana, anxiety and depression, failure to launch, narcissism, texting, vaping, etc. geared for addiction and other behavioral health clinicians. She has a monthly column in Keys to Recovery Newspaper. Dr. Louise is passionate about working with families as well as collaborating with others using evidenced-strength based strategies.
  • A very hopeful, healing and transformative experience!

  • We find the leaders in our field at WCSAD.

  • The best conference in my 30+ years in the field.

  • WCSAD is the only national addiction conference we exhibit at annually because it meets all of our objectives – more awareness, lead generation and networking.

  • A Disneyland of information, empowering us to improve our common goal in the field of addiction disorders.

  • As a first-time exhibitor and sponsor, our team enjoyed maintaining and securing new connections while having fun.

  • Intimate clinically-driven, great conference.

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