Safety Protocols

Hotel Protocols:

La Quinta Resort & Club will be following the Hilton CleanStay program. Visit their website for details or view the La Quinta Resort & Club COVID-19 Playbook for an overview of what you can expect during your stay.

HMP Global Protocols:

We’re Committed to Reconnecting as Safe as Possible

Your health and safety are always a priority for us. Vaccinations have reduced the need for many of the COVID-19 protocols that were formerly in place: face masks, social distancing, and travel restrictions. In many cities and states, these rules have been fully lifted.

As HMP Global moves forward with a return to in-person events, we continue to closely monitor the guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with state and local governments to comply with current guidelines and ensure that we provide an environment that is as safe as possible for our participants and staff. 

Final Health and Safety measures for the West Coast Symposium will be published 30 days prior to the meeting and will be based upon the requirements of the CDC, state health agencies and meeting venue at the time of the meeting. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Registration Department at

At A Glance: 

  • Do not travel if you are sick 
  • Do not attend if you are sick 
  • Commit to temperature checks on-site 
  • Wear masks when required 
  • Practice social distancing 
  • Follow pathway signage 
  • Apply good personal hygiene practices 
  • Practice self-monitoring & self-reporting 

General Cleaning, Sanitation, & Disinfection

We will meet and exceed all cleaning protocols as outlined by the venue and industry associations. We will work with La Quinta Resort & Club to ensure daily, heightened cleaning and sanitizing regimen of all public spaces, meeting rooms, exhibit hall, and registration area.

Hand sanitization stations will be placed strategically in high traffic areas such as meeting room foyers and the exhibit hall.

We will create and display highly visible signage related to keeping you as safe as possible and associated protocols throughout the hotel.

Personal Protection & Social Density Protocol

Attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, faculty, and third-party suppliers may be required to wear face masks and maintain social distance.

HMP Global will work with each venue to develop group density safety guidelines, which will include:

  • Initiating a no-contact policy (e.g. avoiding handshakes).
  • Setting meeting rooms with wider aisles and appropriate space between chairs.
  • Increasing stanchions to manage and minimize lines allowing for larger waiting areas.
  • Providing floor graphic indicators to remind and promote physical distancing guidelines.
  • Working with the venue to help lead our flow-management process

Registration Areas

Online, advanced registration is strongly encouraged.

An event welcome packet will be mailed to participants who have registered for the event at least three weeks in advance of the meeting.

Name badges and other registration materials are included in the welcome packet.

Those who receive an event welcome packet do not need to go to the registration desk onsite.

We will configure the onsite registration areas to allow for social distancing and implement queue lines where appropriate distancing can be enforced.

We will add plexi-glass barriers to registration counters to keep you as safe as possible and to support physical distancing measures.

Exhibit Hall

Based on venue recommendations, aisle widths may be increased.

We will work with the venue to ensure physical distancing and group density protocols are followed.

The exhibit hall hours may be lengthened to limit crowd density.

We will communicate and confirm general service contractor and freight management health and cleaning protocols to keep you as safe as possible.

Meeting Rooms

As recommended by the venue, we will design distancing seating layouts to keep you as safe as possible.

Door monitors will assist with attendee flow in and out of session rooms.

Entrance doors will be kept in the open position.

Whenever possible, we will provide recorded content after the meeting.

The program schedule will be modified to allow for sanitization of high touch surfaces between sessions.

Hand sanitization stations will be provided.

Handouts will be available electronically only. Polling and Q&A will be administered through the mobile app.

Food & Beverage Safety

Seating areas will be properly distanced.

Hand sanitizing stations will be placed near all meal functions.

Coffee/beverages breaks will be served by a properly-trained catering attendant.

Plated meals will be served for seated meal functions whenever possible.

Buffets will be single-sided and served by a catering attendant.

Receptions will offer pre-wrapped, “grab and go” food options.

Self-serve water stations may be prohibited.

Water may be served by an attendant.

Emergency Protocol

We will work with the venue on implementing an emergency response protocol to establish isolation areas for anyone who feels ill.

Event staff will conduct pre-event site inspections to ensure venues comply with established protocols.

HMP Global will work with venue-assigned medical personnel to assist anyone who feels ill.

Palm Springs Area COVID-19 Guidelines & Information: 

Before traveling to Palm Springs, we encourage you to read up on the latest COVID-19 advisories. These sites are updated by governing bodies of the Palm Springs area and the state of California. We encourage you to check back on these frequently for updates. 

Visit Palm Springs COVID-19 Information 

California State COVID-19 Restrictions