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Title: Building & Sustaining a Successful Sober Home Business – Best Practices for Sober Home Management
Date: Saturday, December 5
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:45 PM


C4 Recovery Foundation is excited to offer a full-day of learning and discussion for sober home owners and professionals at WCSAD. Be ready to:

  • hear directly from treatment centers on key criteria for being part of a continuum of care organizations
  • find out from the experts the latest regulatory changes and updates and how to stay ahead of upcoming regulations
  • learn how to form and nurture great referral relationships from some of the best treatment centers
  • participate in a Q&A with industry leaders that can help you better operate and manage your facility
  • gain knowledge of how to create a sober living setting that supports and sustains recovery

This event is included FREE with a full registration to the symposium. The cost for this special event on its own is $100. Simply use the link below to register.


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302. The Landscape of Recovery Housing
8:30 am – 10:00 am
Sazha Ramos, MSW
Jason Jarreau, NCPSS
Tim Westbrook, MS
Supported by: SAFE Project, Oxford House, Inc., Camelback Recovery

Level of Instruction: All

Recovery Housing is a recovery support service that includes essential linkage to community-based assets for persons living with a SUD. Evidence supports living in a peer recovery community for a period of three months to three years (and beyond) improves overall wellness. The panel will discuss three (3) key challenges currently facing the Recovery Housing Service sector:

  • What recovery pathway(s), priority population(s) and level of support does a provider offer their residents? Why is this important information to know?
  • Uniform measurement of provider compliance with core “Social Model of Recovery Principles” is essential for many reasons. How can we navigate these waters most effectively?
  • Establishing standardized processes for measuring provider performance to quality standards is vital for the benefit of all stakeholders. How do we best achieve this objective without adopting a “prescriptive” approach to certification?


330. How and Why to Measure Outcomes
10:45 am – 12:15 pm
Sazha Ramos, MSW
Jason Jarreau, NCPSS
Eva Hibnick, JD
Supported by: SAFE Project, Oxford House, Inc., One Step

Level of Instruction: All

“Outcomes” refers to different measures, depending on the stakeholder. SAMHSA collects and reports outcome data pertaining to the fiscal impact federal spending has made on hospital, criminal justice system, law enforcement, and corrections budgets. Treatment Providers monitor and report outcome data pertaining to client engagement and completion of treatment plans. Recovery Housing Providers monitor and report outcomes pertaining to length of stay, employment, and recovery group participation and, across the continuum, recovery capital measures are gaining traction.


356. Fostering a Community Culture of Peer Support
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Sazha Ramos, MSW
Jason Jarreau, NCPSS
Tim Westbrook, MS
Supported by: SAFE Project, Oxford House, Inc., Camelback Recovery

Level of Instruction: All

FHAA protects sober homes as single family residences in that they are the “functional equivalent of a family.” So, how then do recovery housing operators:

  • Screen prospective residents to determine: a) if their program is a good fit for the prospect and b) the prospect is a good fit for their peer community?
  • Engage residents as members of a “functional family?”
  • Encourage and support effective peer governance?
  • Determine if the terms House Manager and Peer Leader interchangeable?


380. Building Quality Recovery Housing Capacity
4:15 pm – 5:45 pm
Sazha Ramos, MSW
Jason Jarreau, NCPSS
Tim Westbrook, MS
Supported by: SAFE Project, Oxford House, Inc., Camelback Recovery

Level of Instruction: All

Sober Homes may vary in multiple ways. As a community, we need to adopt and promote language that is inclusive while maintaining the integrity of specific populations served by any location.

  • Collegiate Recovery Housing
  • Priority Populations (LGBTQ, Veterans, Gender Specific, Sex Offenders, Reentry)
  • Recurrence of Use Intake & Discharge Protocols
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) housing, Medication Monitoring v. Management

  • A very hopeful, healing and transformative experience!

  • We find the leaders in our field at WCSAD.

  • The best conference in my 30+ years in the field.

  • WCSAD is the only national addiction conference we exhibit at annually because it meets all of our objectives – more awareness, lead generation and networking.

  • A Disneyland of information, empowering us to improve our common goal in the field of addiction disorders.

  • As a first-time exhibitor and sponsor, our team enjoyed maintaining and securing new connections while having fun.

  • Intimate clinically-driven, great conference.

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